Improving trustworthiness in communication

Latent Insight is decoding human behavior to leverage latent insights towards better informed decision making in daily business communication

The employment of web services has replaced personal interaction between businesses and their clients. These services are generally reliable, cost effective and efficient. Unfortunately, the web interaction comes at a cost: businesses have lost much of the information available to us through a person-person interaction.

Until now, it has been difficult to assess a client’s personality without the employment of lengthy, cumbersome, intrusive and often unreliable additional processes.

Latent Insight applies Machine Learning to decode human behavior and provides indications on their intent while a user interacts with eg. a web application, such as an eCommerce site, insurance claims form or online banking app.

This happens in near real-time and provides businesses with enriched information for their decision making about whether a person of interest may represent high risk, is suitable for a particular job role, is open to promote the business' services, and the like. There are many Use Cases.