About Us

Latent Insight is blending a unique team of experts in Psychology, Data Science and Engineering.

As the result of intensive scientific research the Latent Insight team developed a platform, which enables business' to accurately identify the personality profile of an online user. Testing identified a high level of accuracy; hence the team partnered up with AlphaZetta as well as the F10 Fintech Incubator & Accelerator.

Today Latent Insight is a startup in pre-seed stage; with a fully functional MVP (Minimal Viable Product) in place and ready to provide services to business' around the globe. This is being facilitated via AlphaZetta (ad interim) and till Latent Insight is incorporated by February 2021 as a matter of the F10 incubation program.

Hugo Gamboa

Scientific Lead, Biomedical Engineer, Lecturer and everything to do with research and development

Catia Cepeda

Data Scientist and everything to do with number crunching, coding and machine learning

Marcus Cheetham

Scientific Advisor

Alexander Heidl

Business Development, Marketing and everything to do with running the business

Karol Tarcak

Development Lead, data engineering, maths and everything to do with our platform

Klaus Felsche

Strategic Advisor

Fintech Incubator & Accelerator

F10 has successfully helped 120+ startups to achieve more than $100m in funding since its launch in 2015. Latent Insight has been selected by F10 among 15 other startups in their current acceleration batch (Batch 6). Purpose is to scale Latent Insight to the next level by February 2021

The Analytics Experts

AlphaZetta provides complementary data science, data engineering and platform architecture skills to scale Latent Insight. AlphaZetta furthermore facilitates the incubation phase of Latent Insight by providing the necessary legal and operational infrastructure till Latent Insight is incorporated (expected latest FEB 2021).