Use Cases

Latent Insight enables numerous use cases across many industries

Latent Insight use cases are not industry specific and apply to any scenario where human behavior and associated personality characteristics help to make better informed business decisions. Below is a selection of areas where Latent Insight's use cases find application:

Fraud Detection

Where fraud is committed or intended, eg. in insurance, certain behaviors may indicate that before actual damage is caused. If it was in a face to face communication, one would probably able to tell from body language, vocal nuances and other behaviors, but in online communication this has become more or less impossible.

Latent Insight can identify related behavioral characteristics and give an indication on fraudulent intent to inform the business. Thus improve fraud management by uncovering new cases as well as help saving on related costs or losses.

Human Resources

When a Human Resources department is searching for a trustworthy, reliable worker who eg. has a very conservative approach to risk or is expected to perform in a management function, then traditional personality assessments are a regular tool to identify the most suitable candidate.

While traditional personality assessments are typically comprehensive, time consuming, expensive and tested against a random population, Latent Insight provides deep insights tailored to the business and their context.

Risk Management

Risk management processes in conjunction with individuals are common practice. In banking this is also known as KYC or Know Your Customer, where banks assess an individual's propensity to risk before eg. agreeing to a consumer loan, or providing investment advice in wealth management.

Latent Insight can inform a business decision about an individual's propensity to risk , thus help to provide a more tailored response to a client along with making more accurate risk related decisions.

Cyber Security

Cyber crimes in respect of identity theft and social engineering are on the rise and a common practice among criminals in order to shake someone down for their assets, whether that is an individual or a business. Every other day one of those cases hits the media and there is very little one can do against that without massively impacting the user experience (UX).

Latent Insight provides the ability to identify legitimate and authorized users based upon their cognitive behavior, thus provides a non-intrusive way to improve cyber security where it really matters: protecting users against identity theft while increasing the user experience.


Marketeers around the globe strive to build the best customer experience by tailoring offers and messages to their customers' believed needs, interest and peer groups. Using all sorts of data to segment users and drive campaigns based on whats believed to reflect an individual's user behavior; predominantly based on clicks and what a user was interested in over time.

Latent Insight provides deeper user insights, helping to improve the customer experience by taking a users' personality into account. This helps marketeers to segment more granular, improve their Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and tailor a message to whom it really concerns.

Got an idea where else to apply Latent Insight?

We are eager to learn more. Please tell us about where you think Latent Insight may help your specific scenario.